More Than Our Ears: an Exploration in Listening

This workshop is for anyone who has ever heard the words “Just listen to me.” It is for those who hope to be wiser listeners to both family and friends. The structure is experiential: there is partner work, exploration of various media, silent reflection, a chance to share insights gleaned during the workshop, and an opportunity to draw on the wisdom of others. The exercises lead to a deeper understanding and discovery of how participants listen, to whom, and in what ways. Individuals will experience listening as a gift they can give to others and to themselves.

Awakening to God: Finding Light in the Cracks of Life

This workshop combines elements of the time-honored practice of the Examen of Consciousness with meditative movement, journaling, and work with pastels. Participants learn simple breathing exercises which support conscious thoughts of gratitude and forgiveness. This allows individuals to see themselves as lovable and valuable people. Participants explore a handful of questions which open up the experiences of each day and help them gain a stronger perception of the active presence of God’s grace through life’s opportunities for choice and growth. Individuals have the chance to explore ways of engaging the future with trust and hope. There is time for sharing and discussion centered on questions which arise during the workshop, as well as an exploration of ways to carry the practice into their daily lives.

Lectio Divina: Delving Deeply into Word

Deep engagement with the written word can animate and intensify a person’s transformative process. This workshop explores the ancient monastic practice of sacred reading composed of four parts: Reading, Meditating, Responding (or Prayer), and Contemplating. Through the choice of poetry, sacred writings, or stories the participants enter a world where they see themselves and their relationships in new ways. Through this intentional way of interacting with texts they discover new ways of experiencing life, which open up possibilities for growth and active participation in the world. The skills learned in this workshop expand the participants’ practice of Lectio Divina to encompass their interactions with nature, relationships, and the environment around them.